Monday, June 6, 2011

Saaka DAwa (june 15th) the month of Lord Buddha's Birth, Death, & Enlightenment!

Yes,all three of the event took place on same month and date. The only month most Tibetans don't eat meat.This has always been one of my fav month in a year. It takes me back to good old days in Nepal,how we used to circumambulate around swambunath and boudhanath stupa all night long,devoting ourselves to lord buddha. Both places used to be packed. Most of time there used to be more youngster then elderly folks. This overnight circumambulating tradition has been going on since years and years ago. People from all the different caste and backgrounds come together and devote themselves to lord Buddha. Infect most younger generations from kathmandu doesn't really know much difference in the co existence of different religions. For us there's only one god and rest doesen't matter. Someone so closed to me in my past,even told me that as a kid he use to go to boudhanath temple thinking it's Hindu temple. Wouldn't it be something only if that kind of innocence still remain within us forever.......Just as how everybody celebrates last day of saak dawa in Nepal,the entire people of Kathmandu area meets together at this very special event and spends the night together under the protection of lord Buddha himself. We can hear chanting of prayers from every corner while peacefully circumbulating at the same time. Now it has been years since the last time I visit Nepal and ever since the nation lost it's peace it made me wonder if people still be able to keep that wonderful old tradition alive or not. Om mani padmai hum.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Walking the path of Lord Buddha!

This book that I'm reading made me so insecure about my upbringing and it will surely make all the orthodox Vedic Hindu Brahmins and Tibetan Rinpoches insecure as well. Why?

To be continue............................